Thursday, January 30, 2014

Taking a Break 4: Kaylus and Tomoe Magazine Cover

There are many girls in my House and quite a few of them are interested in photography.  My DD Airy (Eri) is one of them.  She managed to get two of my boys to pose for some sexy Valentine's photos, although she did have a bit of a hard time time with my Crobidoll Kyul, Tomoe.  Kaylus though was more than willing to take his shirt off in the name of "art" (he did not take much convincing. LOL).  Here is an excerpt of their conversation...

Eri:  Kaylus, would you like to be featured in a magazine?

Kaylus: Hmmm... dunno.  I'm busy helping Mari pack for her trip.

Eri:  I'll make sure you get a print and frame it so you can send it with Mari... *mischievious grin*

Kaylus: Sold!

Eri: Er... It will be a sexy shoot though... you might have to take your shirt off...

Kaylus: I can choose which one to print?

Eri: Uhuh.

Kaylus: Just let me know when, and remember, I get to choose the print!

Eri: Yes! One down, one to go.... *off she goes to find Tomoe*
Now Tomoe was another matter entirely.  It took Eri the better part of a day to convince him and she was only able to do so by stalking him all day.  I think he did it just to get her off his back.

Here are the results.  Of course the whole thing is a work of fiction and the voting link is non-existent.

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