Monday, April 28, 2014

Pride, Prejudice and Strawberry-filled Wafers

Just some random scene at the House.

    Our new girl is certainly making herself feel very much at home.

    Max:*mumbling* Hmmm... that's interesting...

As Max was deeply absorbed with her book...

                            Lucy: I know I smelled strawberries.

    Lucy: There! I was right!

   Max: Oh, hullo. Lucy, right?
   Lucy: Ah, hi.

                            Max: You were looking for me?
                            Lucy: Yes. I mean, No. I was just...

                            Max:  Hang on a sec. I'll come down.

    Max: *jumps down* Alley-oop!
    Lucy: Oh... wow.
    Max: So, did you need me for anything? Is it supper time already?
    Lucy: No, supper isn't till later. I smelled strawberries...

    Max: Oh, you mean these? Here have some.
    Lucy: *gasp* I can?!
    Max: You can have it all if you want.

   Lucy: I can... have... the...

    Lucy: *grabs box and hugs it* I love you...

   Max: *softly to herself* Wow. Better hide those other boxes... *louder* Ah Lucy?

    Lucy: You're not taking it back are you?
    Max: Huh? No. Its yours. Ah, you said you were looking for me?

    Lucy: I was?

   Lucy: Oh yeah, I was. Sensei asked me to introduce you to the rest of the residents of the House and       show you around. I'll take you to meet them *mumbles to self while patting pockets* soon as I hide this box. *louder* Let's go then.
   Max: *shrugs*. Sure thing. Ah, can we start in the kitchen?

 After the two had gone.

    Tomoe: *shakes head* I told those girls not to leave their snacks all over the place. Sensei is going to have a fit.

   Tomoe: Pride and Prejudice... I wonder whose book this is?


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