Monday, April 28, 2014

Pride, Prejudice and Strawberry-filled Wafers

Just some random scene at the House.

    Our new girl is certainly making herself feel very much at home.

    Max:*mumbling* Hmmm... that's interesting...

As Max was deeply absorbed with her book...

                            Lucy: I know I smelled strawberries.

    Lucy: There! I was right!

   Max: Oh, hullo. Lucy, right?
   Lucy: Ah, hi.

                            Max: You were looking for me?
                            Lucy: Yes. I mean, No. I was just...

                            Max:  Hang on a sec. I'll come down.

    Max: *jumps down* Alley-oop!
    Lucy: Oh... wow.
    Max: So, did you need me for anything? Is it supper time already?
    Lucy: No, supper isn't till later. I smelled strawberries...

    Max: Oh, you mean these? Here have some.
    Lucy: *gasp* I can?!
    Max: You can have it all if you want.

   Lucy: I can... have... the...

    Lucy: *grabs box and hugs it* I love you...

   Max: *softly to herself* Wow. Better hide those other boxes... *louder* Ah Lucy?

    Lucy: You're not taking it back are you?
    Max: Huh? No. Its yours. Ah, you said you were looking for me?

    Lucy: I was?

   Lucy: Oh yeah, I was. Sensei asked me to introduce you to the rest of the residents of the House and       show you around. I'll take you to meet them *mumbles to self while patting pockets* soon as I hide this box. *louder* Let's go then.
   Max: *shrugs*. Sure thing. Ah, can we start in the kitchen?

 After the two had gone.

    Tomoe: *shakes head* I told those girls not to leave their snacks all over the place. Sensei is going to have a fit.

   Tomoe: Pride and Prejudice... I wonder whose book this is?


Monday, April 21, 2014

Enter M.A.D. Max

I've had this girl for over a year and never really took pictures or introduced her even though I basically bent over backwards just to get her. Anyway, she took matters into her own hands and decided to introduce herself. 

I heard the door open and went to look and...

???:  Door was open so I let myself in. Are you the proprietor?
Me *taken aback* Ah... yes? 

???: Let me put down my stuff so I can take a good look around *places her things on the floor*
Me: Ah... excuse me??? 

???: There, now... *looks me over* Hmm... You don't look like a cat at all you know.
Me: I don't? No, of course not. I'm human. Pardon me but -

???: So this'll be my new digs, eh?
Me: Digs? *confused* 

???: *mumbling to self as she looks around* Rather small living room but they told me the food was good.
Me: I say!

???: *still mumbling* I guess it could be called cozy... I hope the rooms are bigger though.
Me: Ahem!!! I say excuse me!

???: *turns around* Are you British?
Me:: Huh? No. No, I'm not. I'm Canadian.
???: Then how come you have a British accent? Or are you making fun of me because I'm Irish?
Me: Mocking? What?! No! Of course not. *takes the offensive* Who in the world are you? You come -

???: Name's Maximilia Antoinette Daphne MacIntyre aka M.A.D. Max but you can call me Max for short. I'm your new tenant.
Me: Oh. Hello Max, I'm Nyanko-sensei... *pause* What???!!!

Max: That's right.  Now, what time is supper?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Taking a Break 4: Kaylus and Tomoe Magazine Cover

There are many girls in my House and quite a few of them are interested in photography.  My DD Airy (Eri) is one of them.  She managed to get two of my boys to pose for some sexy Valentine's photos, although she did have a bit of a hard time time with my Crobidoll Kyul, Tomoe.  Kaylus though was more than willing to take his shirt off in the name of "art" (he did not take much convincing. LOL).  Here is an excerpt of their conversation...

Eri:  Kaylus, would you like to be featured in a magazine?

Kaylus: Hmmm... dunno.  I'm busy helping Mari pack for her trip.

Eri:  I'll make sure you get a print and frame it so you can send it with Mari... *mischievious grin*

Kaylus: Sold!

Eri: Er... It will be a sexy shoot though... you might have to take your shirt off...

Kaylus: I can choose which one to print?

Eri: Uhuh.

Kaylus: Just let me know when, and remember, I get to choose the print!

Eri: Yes! One down, one to go.... *off she goes to find Tomoe*
Now Tomoe was another matter entirely.  It took Eri the better part of a day to convince him and she was only able to do so by stalking him all day.  I think he did it just to get her off his back.

Here are the results.  Of course the whole thing is a work of fiction and the voting link is non-existent.

H.O.N.#14 Flashback: Springtime Love

One of my earlier photostories with Millie and Yuuto.

Spring is the time when a young girl's mind turns to thoughts of love...

I love Spring!

The flowers are beautiful.

And these Lilacs smell so good.

I just love how Spring makes me feel!

If only...

Sigh! I think I'll sit here for a bit and just enjoy the view...

Yuu: *changes voice* Guess who, Princess?


Yuuto: How'd you guess?

Millie: I'd know you anywhere.
Yuuto: It's so nice and cool here. I'm kinda tired from all that band practice. I think I'll just lay on the ground here and have a nap.

Millie:Don't be silly! Your hair's gonna get dirty. Here, you can lay your head on my lap instead.
Yuuto: Are you sure, Princess? Uh... You don't have to do this for me... the ground's fine.

Millie:*smiles happily*I insist! I don't really mind...*adds in a whisper*besides, what are girlfriend's for.

Yuuto: Uh, did you say something?
Millie:*shakes head vigorously and blushes*No!!!
Yuuto: Oh, okay ...*As Yuuto drifts off too sleep, he murmurs..I love you Princess... 
Millie:*shocked speechless*
Sigh! Now that was such a wonderful daydream, ne?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

H.O.N. #13 Alternate Universe? "Missing You" (Kaylus and Marius)

A little while ago, friends in the DD forum and I were discussing the creation of DD boys.  Since Volks will probably not make anything of the sort, quite a few people decided to make their own using either existing head sculpts or 'customizing' a blank head to make a DD boy.  I've always found the Mari sculpt to be quite boyish so decided to experiment by using her on the Obitsu body, thus Marius was born.  Marius is an exchange student who happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to Mari.  I wanted to put this in an alternate universe since I still can't get the plot on how this all happens.  I know, that's a sorry excuse and I have yet to write the sequel.  I blame it all on pregnancy hormones, i.e., my brain is fried and I'm too exhausted to do anything other than retype this in my blog. Sigh. Anyway, please enjoy what little I wrote.  I will eventually write the other parts when I've got more energy.  Bear with me please :).