Thursday, January 30, 2014

H.O.N.#14 Flashback: Springtime Love

One of my earlier photostories with Millie and Yuuto.

Spring is the time when a young girl's mind turns to thoughts of love...

I love Spring!

The flowers are beautiful.

And these Lilacs smell so good.

I just love how Spring makes me feel!

If only...

Sigh! I think I'll sit here for a bit and just enjoy the view...

Yuu: *changes voice* Guess who, Princess?


Yuuto: How'd you guess?

Millie: I'd know you anywhere.
Yuuto: It's so nice and cool here. I'm kinda tired from all that band practice. I think I'll just lay on the ground here and have a nap.

Millie:Don't be silly! Your hair's gonna get dirty. Here, you can lay your head on my lap instead.
Yuuto: Are you sure, Princess? Uh... You don't have to do this for me... the ground's fine.

Millie:*smiles happily*I insist! I don't really mind...*adds in a whisper*besides, what are girlfriend's for.

Yuuto: Uh, did you say something?
Millie:*shakes head vigorously and blushes*No!!!
Yuuto: Oh, okay ...*As Yuuto drifts off too sleep, he murmurs..I love you Princess... 
Millie:*shocked speechless*
Sigh! Now that was such a wonderful daydream, ne?

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