Thursday, April 4, 2013

H.O.N. #8 Teru's Headache (Also known as Alien Invasion)

Well, the first meeting between the two room mates didn't go too well and here we have Teru complaining to yours truly regarding my room assignment skills. Did you know that Teru-chan has an almost phobic fear of aliens? Lily refuses to tell me why and just smiles away the question but I have a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with why Teru needed a break.

Author's Note:

I really love Lucy, she has such a naive persona that is quite the perfect foil for Teru-chan's hyper personality.  I couldn't help the play on her supposed 'alien' background when I chose these two to be room mates.  One day, we will find out what caused Teru-chan to be 'alien obsessed' as I like to call it.  Maybe she was an abductee? ;P In the meantime, I really, really love Lucy's character. Oh yeah, I said that before already.  Must be old age :( In case you didn't notice, Lucy is also 'alien obsessed' but in a good way. Hmm... now I have to wonder if my decision wasn't subtly influenced.  I think I need to wear my foil hat just in case.

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